Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cappuccino Flavors

Hello ladies,

I'm pretty psyched of today's manicure, the outcome has exceeded my expectations. You know why? Because working with glitters is always fun, you think you know how everything will "go down" but you end up surprising yourself. It may seem that pairing this particular glitter with a nude it's a no brainer but honestly it looks like they belong together. With that in mind I'm planning to combine this copper glitter with the most unexpected shades you could think off, just to see how it would work. I've been playing on the safe side for too long, it's time for some real action!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Favorite autumn shade

Hi there!

Long time no see, ladies! I will start by apologizing for the unannounced hiatus, but other things got in the way of this beloved hobby. Doing intricate designs is a pleasure in which I haven't indulged in quite a while; the university and sometimes work is keeping me very busy. With that being sad I don't know if I'm back for good, so no promises.