Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ways of subscribing to my blog since Google reader will dissapear

Hello readers!

As many of you probably know, from tomorrow we say buh-bye to Google reader. Personally I haven't read much about it, so I can't give you any details.

Dupa cum probabil stiti, de maine ne luam ramas bun de la Google reader. Personal, nu m-am prea documentat despre acest lucru asa ca nu va pot oferi mai multe detalii.

But, no worries! There are other ways through which we can stay in touch ^^

Dar nu va faceti griji! Sunt si alte metode prin care putem tine legatura ^^

You can follow my blog through Facebook
Imi puteti urmari blogul pe Facebook

Or, if you prefer you can follow me through Bloglovin, for that you can sign up with your Facebook account or with your email.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fun Challenge - Life's a beach

Hello lovelies!

I have a quick post for you today as I'm gladly taking part (though only to the end) to a June Challenge named Summer Fun. Sadly, as I've said, I was able to participate only to the last theme called Life's a beach.
I couldn't resist the temptation of doing beach themed nails! I've never tried such designs before and recently I saw on precious polish a mani which I instantly loved and wanted to recreate and this was the perfect circumstance.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Glitter the moon - Collaboration


Well, well, well, here we are again! With me being late again! I'm so dissapointed of myself because when I first started blogging and later on participating to collaborations, punctuality was very important to me and whenever other blogs didn't respect that..let's just say I thought it was not okay. But here I am - in that same position - when I can't judge anymore, only myself maybe. But lesson learnt!
 I could go on with excuses and everything but the fact is I've put blogging on a second or third place since my life has been turned upside down by my own actions nonetheless. Anyhow this is not a diary blog so let's get back to the nails ^^
The theme was half moons and initially I was going to start by saying that I hate this design. I've never done it before but I can't say that this is my first attempt I've redone my manicure three times before settling to this eye-catchy design.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer blues (take one)

Hello lovely readers!

I'm cheating today! As I will show you once again a manicure that is done on my friend Iulia who is also my future sister in law, recently she moved in with us - which great 'cause I have more nails to do so I don't have to weary mine ^^.
The star of this manicure is my one and only Revlon #044 Blue Lagoon which is a lovely light blue (very summer-ish) this particular shade has a subtle shimmer that makes it prettier than just an ordinary polish. It applied very smoothly and it reached full coverage from two coats only.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: Flowers with acrylic paints

Hei girls!

If you're  here and you are reading this you must be a nail art lover/adicted and you definetly want pretty nails or something that will stand out anyway. Well let me tell you the must have thing-y for this: the acrylic colors. 
As most of you probably know you can't really do nail art with regular nail polish - it's to thick or hard to use in tiny details. So when I was contacted by Born Pretty Store to do a review of a product I knew right away what to choose.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tree of craziness - Collaboration

Hello girls!

Today I'm finally paying my debts and I deliver to you the inspired by artwork manicure from the 31 weeks collaboration.
 First I should show you my inspiration picture - there are so many details in this painting and I simply couldn't jam them all together but I think my end result is pretty interesing as well.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Polish Days - Galaxy of rainbows

Hello world!

Today's manicure is one of my favourites so far. I wanted to try something different than the usual galaxy nails -which are in a darker tone- and at first I had no hopes for it 'cause nothing good seemed to came out but in the end I can declare myself satisfied by the result - which is colorful and cheery-
Now, here's what Hannah tells us about this month's theme:

Monday, June 3, 2013

My nails look like lollies - Collaboration

Hey dolls!

I'll be quick today - no pleasantries. ^^ I'm participating again at the 31 weeks collaboration and today's (Saturday's) theme is glittttteeeer - who doesn't like glitter? It's shiny, sparkly and fun.
For this manicure I've used my new all time favourite nail polish which is Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels(#109). Why I love this nail polish?