Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's your choice of zebra?

Hello girls!

I'm starting to forget how to begin my posts :)) I know there are no written rules but I think you have to say some pleasantries first and given that I haven't posted for a week - it's a must ^^ so I hope you're all doing well and I'm not just saying that...I would really want to see your thoughts in the comments section just to let me now you're still here. It's a bit sad that I don't have more time for this blog and I have so many plans for it but I don't know when I'll be able to put them in practice. Anyways, enough complaining, let's talk nails!!
After the "traumas" my nails are still brittle so my manicures don't last more than a day therefore I started wearing simple manicures with just one color so that's one of the reasons for my lack of posting, among others.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One Minty Tribal Print (or about a dozen)

Hello ladies!

Hope you're all doing well and I really hope you haven't forgot about me ^^ This has been the longest break so far on my blog and I wish it would be the only one but you never know. I truly intend to keep posting as often as I can and I hope you will still be here with me.
So back to my nails - I must tell you the truth - the reason behind my absence is that I broke not one, but four nails!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hot floral vibes

Hello girls!

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather! This is my favourite time of the year and all I want to do is spend it outside ^^ So from tomorrow I'm off to the mountains with some friends,  I can't wait!
I did this manicure a while back and it only sees the light of day now because I have nothing else prepared (shame on me). Anyways I hope you like this idea, it's very summer-ish. Of course you can use any color you wish in this combo it will look great anyways.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feathers on my dress. Fe-Feathers on my nails.

Hello friends!

Sunny day today! Hope you're having a beautiful day so far. I'm busy with the spring cleaning but I've managed to spare a little time to post this manicure for you. It was due for the Saturday's collaboration but lately I'm not very good at time managing and sometimes if I have a little time off I prefer to spend it sleeping :)) So please don't be to harsh on me ^^
For this manicure I had to be inspired by fashion. I don't know if I met the theme exactly, I was inspired by a dress I own - it has a patern I just love.