Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Series - My vision of love

So hello ladies!

I'm again fashionably late I'm sorry for that, again but all would be over soon and I will be able to dedicate more time for this blog ^^ So let's talk about my vision of love now...well I was going to make some really cute newspaper nails with a special dedication actually but I didn't like how those came out so I ended up with this design below wich is rather simple yet elegant.
I've used a darker shade of red - Farmasi #47 (which I just love) and on the index fingers I've combined Essence - Make it golden (#67) with a Chissa #204. Then with a template I made those cute hearts ^^ and then of course added the rhinestones and the microbeads.

Unfortunately I only have photos taken in artificial light, by the time I was done with my nails the natural light was looong gone so tomorrow I'll be posting some in daylight so stay tunned! What do you think about my final Valentine's Day mani?
Later edit: And of course I've smudged my nails last night even though I've used fast dry top-coat (it's so frustrating when that happens) but that's what I get when I do my nails so late in the evening :( So no natural light photos, sorry.

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So my lovely readers this is the end of the Valentine's Day series. I had a lot of fun doing the themes and I'm so glad that some of my fellow bloggers joined me and shared their awesome ideas! ^^


  1. Superb rosul ales si imi plac foarte mult detaliile :*

  2. What a lovely mani! I like the accent nail very much!

  3. superbe si elegante, imi plac mult si inimioarele de pe inelar,te pup :)

  4. Elegant it is :) I love how you combined rhinestones with microbeads :)

  5. love it! :)


  6. Thank you girls so so much for all your lovely comments! <3 You have my respect and my appreciation! You rock!! :D

  7. Wow! I've liked all of your cool valentines nail arts, it's been so fun following you through this! :D Also liked the nail art above.

    1. Oh thank you so much <3 I'm glad you think that way ^^

  8. Foarte deosebit modelul si culoarea folosita de tine. Happy Valentines! ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Sunt foarte frumoase si elegante unghiile,un model cu totul deosebit:)

  10. Sunt asa de draguteeee!! Ti-a iesit foarte frumos modelul la ambele manute :*

  11. This is so lovely and quintessentially Valentine's-y! The rich red looks gorgeous on you :)

  12. Eu sunt ca un Valentine's Day Grinch dar manichiura îmi place. Eu aş purta-o şi aşa cum e doar cu unghia simplă cu accentul ăla auriu. Mi se pare că arată tare elegant.


  13. Thank you so much girls I'm always so happy when I read your comments <3
    Lots and lots of kisses ;))

  14. These are so, so pretty! Playful yet glam and so gorgeously lush. ;)


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