Sunday, March 2, 2014

GR Review - Feeling blue

Hei ladies!

Too much time has passed since my last post, but unfortunately other things were more important than painting my nails; a pleasure which I should value more since the university will keep me very busy this semester. These past weeks the only luxury I could afford was wearing a simple color such as the one I'm showing you today.
I don't usually do swatches, they never turn out as I want to, but today I made an exception and I'm presenting you my first swatch - Golden Rose, Rich Color Collection #16

As you can see it's a beautiful blue, deep and creamy. It's very pigmented, one coat could be enough but I prefer two thin ones, the outcome is neater. It has a decent resistance. I'm very pleased by this nail polish, my nails feel " more serious" when I'm wearing it ^^.
Salutare fete dragi! Deși a trecut mult timp de la ultima postare, azi mă întorc cu forțe proaspete să vă prezint o ojă frumoasă și dragă mie Golden Rose Rich Color Collection #16. E un albastru intens și cremos, se aplică ușor și e opac dintr-un strat mai gros sau două mai subțiri. Oja o puteți găsi pe site-ul cosmania alături de o mulțime de alte nuanțe frumoase, iar prețul e mai mult decât acceptabil. 

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon!


  1. love that blue
    university always keep us busy

  2. That is a very gorgeous blue - elegant and timeless!

  3. Foarte frumoasa nuanta, imi place mult!

  4. I have this poilish too and I LOVE it! ;)

  5. Beautiful blue! and I like the swatches :)


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