Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chameleonic white

Hello ladies!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend so far. I had a spare moment and I thought I should show you a special shade, one that has many faces. I'm talking about Golden Rose ~Rich Color Collection #101...

...The formula is fluid and easy to apply, it needs two coats for full coverage. What's special about this nail polish is that it has purple/blue reflexions, depending on the light, it can be really fun to look at. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day when I took the photos and my camera didn't capture the reflexions, but I suggest you go at your local drugstore and check it out! ^^ What do you think about all white nails? Yay or nay?

Special thanks to Golden Rose Romania for naming me the winner of one of their contests!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. yay! definitely yay! I wore all-white nails this last week :) white matte to be precise! )

  2. chiar e cameleonic acest alb, pare: un albastru foarte deschis un gri deschis perlat oricum e frumoasa culoarea :)

  3. Cât de frumoasă e nuanța :X. O să o caut și eu :D.


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