Monday, June 9, 2014

Bad nail day

Hei girls!

You know that feeling when you really must have a certain colour on your nails? That's how I've felt lately regarding red. I wanted to see it on my nails asap! I've tried of course a couple of times but my reds were out of shape, gluey and thick and they all "wonderfully" bubbled up on me.

The actual color is darker but it was a sunny day when I took the photos so the shade came out a bit altered
...The one I've used today ~Astor - Rojo Passion #250 was a different kind of a disaster :)) The brush is choped really badly so applying the nail polish was a nightmare I smeared everything and then the cleanup was even a bigger nightmare. The consistentcy was a bit helpful though, as it is nice and liquid and it's opaque enough to reach full coverage in one coat. On the accent nail I've used acrylic paints for the lines, as you can see I'm out of shape and they're not as perfect as I would like them to be.

Do you have a nail polish that you love but it drives you crazy for some reason?
Have a nice day!


  1. Great combination! I like your accent nail looks with this design!

  2. Eee....modelul ti-a iesit perfect! Mie-mi place la nebunie :*

  3. I think it is absolutely gorgeous, elegant and eye-catching ! :)

  4. It sound like you need to thin those reds - and I'm glad you managed this pretty clean up, because the result it beautiful ;)
    Yes, I also know about craving certain colors on the nails :)

  5. Modelul ti-a iesit exceptional si combinata cu rosu atrage atentia mai mult!

  6. Arata excelent manichiura ta!
    Eu nu cred ca as avea rabdare ... :)

  7. mmm, ce frumusele sunt :) Eu de o saptamana sunt in bad nails mood, dar nu am timp si nici chef sa mi le fac :(

  8. Stiu sentimentul :( si eu momentan sunt intr-o asemenea stare

  9. Manichiura e superba! Nu ai mai postat de mult, erai o sursa de inspiratie. :) Astept sa revi cu postari noi! Pupici!


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