Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to contact me


It seems that I had a problem with the old yahoo account, I figured out what it was but I didn't know how to solve it so I closed that account and made a new one. You can now contact me privately at this one is checked and it's working!

If someone sent me an email  since I made the blog I'm sorry but I haven't received them due to that malfunction so I ask you kindly to resend it to the new adress ^^

Other ways to contact me privately is via Facebook in a message. More simpler but publicly you can contact me through blog comments or facebook posts.
Also you cand find me on different social networks like TumblrPinterest or Beautylish which are good for publicity but you can also find there more than just my nails :D

Thank you all for your constant support and visits, they really make my day and keep this blog running! I can't believe I have over 300 hits in the las few days, that's a really big number for me and my newbie blog!! ^^

Lots of kisses!

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