Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's day series - The Sweet Sweetheart!

Hello girls!

I feel sorry I didn't get this post on time but I had a busy day :( And on top of that my nails are not that fantastic I did them in a hurry so go easy on me today.
I don't know if you could call it a Valentine's Day manicure per say but when I thought of the theme wich is The Sweetheart I knew that she must be a nice sensible girl which plays by the rules and doesn't stand out much. So that been said here's what I came up with:

Pretty please forgive my cuticules I did the photos first then cleaned and moisturized them. Sorry about that it won't happen again, prrrrromise!!

I know it's a classic but if you want to spice things up with a few hearts check out this video by Maryam Maquillage. They are super easy to be done this way!

You can check out my first Sweetheart >here<

Let's just say this is a design for the good girls who don't like a lot of thingys on their nails, not that the rest of us are bad or something but you know what I mean :D

Don't forget to visit on Saturday when I'll be posting the "Inspired by a color" theme along with the other girls
Kisses 'till then!
 I almost forgot - Silly me x_x Go check out what the other girls did :
Ioana's Chit-Chat -


  1. I think it was a cute nail art and I liked that the dotted line sloped downwards! :) Very cute. I also like the video, have tried that before long ago and maybe I should try that again! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Si eu zic ca-s dragutele dar nah am avut emotii printre atatea fete talentate :P

  3. Mie mi se pare frumos modelul.Păcat de unghiile mele scurte. Că aş fi încercat modelul dacă aş fi avut şi pe ce să îl exersez.Iar ideea din filmuleţ,bună de pus în practică.

    ()__() pupici si imbratisari
    (> – <)
    ( u u ) Andreea @

    1. eh eu cred ca poti totusi sa reusesti cu un french foarte subtirel chiar daca nu ai unghii crescute :D
      Multumesc :*

  4. cat de finute si delicate sunt :*

  5. Rozy sunt foarte delicate si atat de sweet. Imi plac. Bravo!!! Pup.

  6. That's a really sweet and lovely mani .)

  7. Wow. You did that in a hurry? No need to apologize coz your nails look great :)

  8. Multumesc Raluca :)

    And Maria thank dearly :*

    To Wonder Woman: I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm always unsatisfied with the result :D But thank you for you kind words!

  9. E foarte frumoasa manichiura ta :*

  10. Sunt foarte dragute, iar tutorialul e super! :*

    abia te-am descoperit asa ca te urmaresc prin gfc si fb. :)


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