Monday, February 4, 2013

Liebster award!

Hello ladies!

Imagine my surprise when WoW nail art (don't forget to check out her cute blog) told me she had given me a Liebster award. Now, as you know I haven't been around for long (nearly 2 months) so I was very happy to receive such news. I think it's a wonderful idea to circulate these kind of awards because it's a great way to know each other and to discover more people with same affinities ^^
The rules that come along with this prize:

Name and thank the person/blog that has given you the award
List 11 things about yourself so we can know each other a little better
Answer the 11 questions that are made by the person who gave you the award
Write 11 questions for the people you nominate
Award the prize to 9 blogs that you like, that have just started, and have less than 200 followers
Visit the blogs that have been awarded along with yours
Inform the blogs that you have nominated

I know I haven't said much about me since I've created this blog I just thought that maybe you are not interested in such matters but well here it is now:
1. I pretty much have the usual life of an ordinary student. I study at the Technical University - Computer Science faculty the english departement from my hometown Cluj-Napoca. I know - not the typical blogger material, I'm surrounded by mostly boys and a few girls who don't obsess over beauty related things.

2. Besides loving nail art I also like doing make-up (and I'm pretty good at it, modest me - but few of my friends can confirm it ;))) however you won't see (for now) any demonstrations because I have some skin conditions and hooded eyes and I don't have an awesome camera. See?! too many issues. Maybe in the future I will experiment on some of my friends if they would agree to show their faces here on my blog ^^

3. I'm not the kind of person that's the center of attention at anytime but if I find myself in the situation of talking to a croud I won't choke especially if I have to support my opinions. I'm pretty confindent about my thoughts and my beliefs. You can even say I'm stubborn and like to be right most of the time.

4. I once was part of a street dance crew. Best days ever and it was the only time when I had to perform in front of a large audience, we were even invited to some local tv shows (me so proud <3)

5. I don't like math, despite the fact that I'm at a university were we do plenty of math.

6. I don't make friends so easily, I'm a shy and quiet person at first but once you "crack my shell" I can't stop talking most of the time. But I'm a good listener (I like to think)

7. I love animals especially dogs and one day "when I grow up" :)) I'll have one for sure.

8. I have a vivid imagination so I daydream a lot.

9. I like to guide my life after the motto: "Be the best version of yourself" but I find myself being sometimes lazy and not be able to do everything I aim for (shame on me).

10. At my current age 20 (21 in two weeks ^^) I don't like to cook, but someday I see myself liking it for now I have a boyfriend and a mom that cook for me (lucky me).

11. I'm the type of person that believes that if you want something the Universe will find a way to give it to you. Now don't get me wrong I don't say to just sit around and wait for it to happen. You need to work for it but you have to have your mind open for when the right opportunities unravel in front of you. Everything is possible.
I'm curious how many of you will read all my ramblings above ;))

1. What inspired you to start a blog?
What inspired me was the desire to share with others my passion for nail art and all beautiful things. Although I think beauty is a point of view.
2. What do you have in your room/house that has been yours for a long time and you can't throw it away?
Well I have a lot of such things that are close to my heart, but I can't seem to be able to throw away my school stuff, I know the're not useful anymore but I guess they have a sentimental value :))
3. What goal did you set to do on a daily basis and you succed doing it?
Boy this is a hard one, I guess minimising the time I spend online but I have trouble doing that :))
4. If you had to make a handmade gift and supposedly you are very good at hand crafting, what would you make and to whom?
I would like to make handmade jewelry and clothes (I'm full of ideas) and I would give them to my friends and family.
5. Have you ever won a contest?
I can't seem to remeber if I ever did. If I did it was probably something insignificant when I was a child.
6. Do you study or do you work? 
I study.
7. What blog do you read daily and search for inspiration?
I can't name only one. I admire Lucy's Stash, Precious polish, Copy that copy cat, One nail to rule them all and a lot more. Take a peek at my blogroll.
8. Do you have an obsession?
Besides nail art? I guess shopping :)) luckily I don't have endless founds. When I see something I really like I HAVE to have it no matter what so yeah that's an obsession right?
9. How do you organize your blog?
This question is pretty vague. I guess I can refer to how I organize my nail art and that is through techniques, trends and patterns or seasons. Take a peek at my tags.
10. By what brand would you like to be contacted for the purpose of trying one of their products?
Are you kidding?! By any brand that is like a tabu in my city OPI, Essie, American Apparel, Butter London, Zoya, China Glaze, all those great Indie brands. Honestly when you say nail polish I'm not that picky yet.
11. Tell a trick that you have/do.
It's to early to tell, but I like to improvise when I do different techniques.

Now my 11 questions for the girls I nominate:
1. Is blogging actually what you thought it would be? I mean if the blogging thing raised up to your expectations.
2. What do you like most being a blogger?
3. What is your gratest fear and your greatest wish in concern to your blog? 
4. What do you expect to achieve in your real life with blogging?
5. What do you think is the recipe for a succesful blog?
6. What makes you follow a blog? Or better what makes you put a blog in your blogroll?
7. Which is your favourite nail art technique?
8. What do you do when you run out of ideas about what to post?
9. Which technique/design would you like to skillfully master someday?
10. How would you characterize your nail art addiction?
11. Where do you see your blog in two years? Followers, views, virality that sort of suff.

The nominees are:
8. Diana's Blog
9. Nicola (I know she is close to 200 but I like her nails :D)

Thank you so much WoW nail art for this cute award, I'm so happy and honored! I hope you like my ginormous post. It was a pleasure filling it up and I guess the timing was pretty good it was about time I shared something about myself.

If you have any questions, suggestions or even some ideas about what would you like to see on this blog please feel free to drop a comment or email me. It will be such a pleasure to find out what you think!


  1. Thank you, I feel honored! I've already got some awards before but I'll do this one too anyhow! :D Thanks again! :)

    1. Well then I'm glad you'll do it again :) It was my first one so I went a little over my head with the enthuziasm :))

  2. Am citit cu nesat postarea ta. Esti o persoana minuntata si chiar vei ajunge departe( am eu un feeling). Am preluat cu drag tag-ul , insa am intampinat o problema in gasirea a altor 9 blogarite. Pana la urma s-au aratat cele 9 craite. Pupic si merci inca o data.

    1. Am ramas placut surprinsa sa citesc comentariul tau multumesc din suflet pentru cuvintele frumoase! :*

  3. M-am identificat in cateva dintre raspunsurile tale, cred ca avem personalitati asemanatoare ;)) Nu cred ca ti-am mai spus, dar vorbesti(mm.. "scrii" cred ca se potriveste mai bine) foarte natural engleza, prima data cand te-am descoperit nici nu credeam ca esti romanca, nu stiu cum sa explic... ai stilul ala de a povesti al unui vorbitor nativ. Me so jealous! Multumesc pentru premiu, cred ca il vei vedea si la mine in curand! :*

    1. Ohhh...multumesc ;;) ma bucur sa aud ca te regasesti printre ce am scris ;)) si in ceea ce priveste engleza cred ca mi s-a imbunatatit considerabil de cand scriu pe blog, e un exercitiu bun, dar totusi am fost placut surprinsa sa fiu comparata cu un vorbitor nativ, multumesc :* de abea astept sa citesc si articolul tau :D

  4. Multumesc tare mult! Esti o fata minunata :*
    Cat de curand voi posta si eu articolul

  5. Good day! I just want to offer you a huge thumbs up for your great information
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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! ^^ And I hope you'll enjoy future visits!

  6. Ieiiiiii multumesc! :D Ma pun pe treaba!:*

  7. esti ofata deosebita si minunata,ma bucur ca prin intermediul acestei nominalizari avem posibilitatea sa ne cunoastem putin, te pup :)

    1. Multumesc frumos de compliment :">
      Chiar si mie mi-a placut de la inceput ideea acestui premiu :D am avut ocazia sa citesc o gramada de lucruri despre fetele care sunt in spatele blogurilor ;))

  8. very cute! i'm a new follower, would love if you would follow me back on my blog! : )

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting :D Hope you'll come back! ^^

  9. mi-a placut sa-ti citesc raspunsurile. Sa stii ca nici eu nu mi-am aruncat lucruruile legate de scoala. Inca le am pe cele din liceu, chiar daca asta a fost cu multa vreme in urma :d.
    Te-am nominalizat si eu, in cazul in care mai doresti sa raspunzi si la intrebarile mele :D

    1. Eu mai am cateva chiar si din generala, sunt o nostalgica ;))
      Multumesc pentru nominalizare dar nu stiu daca o sa am timp :( inca nu am terminat cu examenele :(


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