Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ways of subscribing to my blog since Google reader will dissapear

Hello readers!

As many of you probably know, from tomorrow we say buh-bye to Google reader. Personally I haven't read much about it, so I can't give you any details.

Dupa cum probabil stiti, de maine ne luam ramas bun de la Google reader. Personal, nu m-am prea documentat despre acest lucru asa ca nu va pot oferi mai multe detalii.

But, no worries! There are other ways through which we can stay in touch ^^

Dar nu va faceti griji! Sunt si alte metode prin care putem tine legatura ^^

You can follow my blog through Facebook
Imi puteti urmari blogul pe Facebook

Or, if you prefer you can follow me through Bloglovin, for that you can sign up with your Facebook account or with your email.
Sau, ma puteti urmari prin Bloglovin, puteti face asta cu ajutorul contului vostru de Facebook sau a adresei de email

Follow on Bloglovin

Now, if these two choices do not appeal to you then you can always subscribe to my blog via email. The box is on the sidebar. All you have to do is type your email adress and press submit then you will receive an email from FeedBurner in which it will be a link through which you activate your subscription.
Acum, daca aceste doua variante nu va sunt pe plac atunci va puteti abona la blogul meu prin intermediul adresei de email. Casuta din partea dreapta. Tot ce trebuie sa faceti e sa scrieti in casuta, adresa voastra de email si apoi apasati Submit, veti primi mai apoi un email de la FeedBurner in care va fi un link, cu acesta va activati abonarea.

I'm also active on different social networks like:
De asemenea sunt activa pe diferite retele de socializare cum ar fi:

So, if you like my blog and my manicures and you're searching for inspiration you can follow me through various ways. I thank you in advance, your subscription are highly appreciated by me ^^ It's one of the reasons I carry on with this project.

Daca va place blogul si manichiurile mele si cautati inspiratie, ma puteti urmari prin metodele prezentate mai sus. Va multumesc anticipat pentru abonari, le apreciez foarte mult!!

Have a nice Sunday/ Sa aveti o duminica frumoasa!

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