Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Glitter the moon - Collaboration


Well, well, well, here we are again! With me being late again! I'm so dissapointed of myself because when I first started blogging and later on participating to collaborations, punctuality was very important to me and whenever other blogs didn't respect that..let's just say I thought it was not okay. But here I am - in that same position - when I can't judge anymore, only myself maybe. But lesson learnt!
 I could go on with excuses and everything but the fact is I've put blogging on a second or third place since my life has been turned upside down by my own actions nonetheless. Anyhow this is not a diary blog so let's get back to the nails ^^
The theme was half moons and initially I was going to start by saying that I hate this design. I've never done it before but I can't say that this is my first attempt I've redone my manicure three times before settling to this eye-catchy design.
As you can see I've use some enormous glitter and I would like to hear your thoughts about it!

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Have a lovely day!