Saturday, November 2, 2013

T.P.A. Playful lights

Hei girls!

I'm so missing this! Posting, doing nail art and speaking with you guys through comments but I knew this was coming so I'm just trying to get used to it. Today's manicure should have been up on blog since last Saturday so I hope the girls from the Polish Addict group would receive my sincerest apologies - I was really swamped with school projects and courses and everything was hectic...
The theme from The Polish Addict Group Challenge was inspired by your favourite quote and my personal favourite is Be the best version of yourself! wich should be a happier self with a high self esteem and confidence. In one word a brilliant self!

Natural light
The nails: I have here a combo of three nail polishes, the first layer is Rimmel London #710 - Alaska; the second one is Miss Sporty #355 and the flashy top coat is Golden Rose #169. This manicure was so playful and cheer-y, those glitters really reflected light in all sorts of colors and I received lots of compliments because of that.

So it's safe to say that from now on we'll only "meet" on a weekly basis. I'll try to do my best because this is still my beloved hobby and I'm doing it with great pleasure.

The wonderful gals:
Maria (Konad Addict) -


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