Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Farmec review - Muddy boots and knitted sweaters

Hey girls!

On Sunday, this blog turned 1! Yes, one! Already! And I didn't even had the time to do something special :(. I had in mind a few changes but I guess it'll have to wait and maybe they'll be on my resolutions list for 2014. We'll see how my vacation goes but hopefully it'll happen sooner! I for one, can't wait! But enough of that I don't want to spoil the surprise ^^

I know some of you have been following my blog for a while, so thank you for all your support and visits. They're much appreciated! And since I haven't properly introduced myself, here's a clue to how I look like. Just if you're curious! ^^ I for one like to know a little bit about the people behind the blogs I'm reading. In this regard, an about me section is planned to appear in the near future.

Today I've prepared a manicure that goes perfectly with this weather! I recently came across this beauty I'm about to present (@ Beauty Bloggers Anual Meet Up) and it's one of my favourite from this collection. If you're wondering about the strange title, let me explain! Muddy boots is the name of the polish. It's from a local cosmetics company named Farmec. Why the strange name? Dunno, but it has something extra to make it special, more than just a teal cream - it has tiny particles of black in it. The ilussion is marvelous! If only my camera could've catched it. But believe me, it's something else! I love it ^^

These are all the shades from the A/W Collection. I will present all the shades so you can see how they look in reality, but of course with a little nail art on the side, 'cause you know me - plain manicures just aren't my thing.
The appliance went smoothly, two coats are enough to make it opaque (or just a thick one will do). The cosistency is ideal (not too thick or too fluid). I wore it for a whole week and I had minimal tip wear only.
Natural light (cloudy day)
The nail art on the accent is made with acrylics (I have made here a review of the ones I'm using). Hope you liked this design as much as I did. It's part of the Christmas Challenge created by Elsa and it's for the first theme Not yet, but almost! I have done the Glitter overload theme already - go check it out!

Thanks for reading!

I reserve the right to an honest review. All the opinions shared in this post are my own.


  1. Vai ce frmoase sunt! Vai ce frumoaseeeeeeeeeee sunt unghiutele tale! <3

  2. Superba nuanta ojei de la Farmec. Imi place si unghia accent, dar si pulovarul tau. :D Pare asa comfortabil si are o culoare minunata.

  3. O manichiura frumoasa. Unghia accent este superba.

  4. I always love a gorgeous accent nail :D xx

  5. LOL Muddy Boots is a hilarious name, I'm glad your nails also wear a warm sweater with the boots :D

  6. Ce frumoasa e oja de la Farmec, iar modelul arata foarte bine :)

  7. imi place extrem modelul, tentante noile nuante de toamna/iarna Farmec :D

  8. Super! Ador modelul de pe inelar!!!


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