Monday, December 2, 2013

KKCenterHK Review - Champagne Bubbles

Hey girls!

As promised on my Facebook page, today I'm talking about a bundle of sparkle. And since we're officially in the most cheerful month of the year, what could be more appropriate? December has such a special vibe with all its lights and flavors. It's one of my favourite periods and it's the only time I can endure the cold and the snow - I even find it special.
The polish I'm talking about is Ebalay #07 - it's a beautiful glitter, it has actually several types of glitters in it: round white and copper ones, tiny strips of white flecks and almost invisible to the eye purple glitter.
The last ones didn't want to show up on the pictures so you'll have to take my words for granted ^^ They all give a special look to the nails. It makes me think of champane bubbles. I'm really happy with it! The only thing I don't like about it is the smell which is stronger than my usual nail polishes.
You can find this beauty on KKCenterhK - they have lots of awesome glitters. You can check out more here, you'll find different brands at "yummy" prices :)) You can also use the disscount code roxy-ch for a 10% off.
This product was sponsored by KKCenterHK
I can see this post is becoming rather long but I have a quick note I'd like to add - Like a Candy Shop has came up with a really pretty and jolly challenge for Chritsmas. Although time isn't by my side this period I just couldn't help myself, I had to participate. This mani is for the second theme Glitter Overload. I will present the first theme in the following days so stay tunned!

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  1. Ce frumusel e glitterul!! Trebuie sa imi cumpar si eu o oja alba pentru combinatii :D

  2. Vai, cat de frumos se vede! <3
    Arata superb!

  3. love it <3
    si eu am 2 glittere din astea de la ei si sunt super!

  4. Arată foarte bine manichiura !
    Îmi plac combinațiile acestea de culori.


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