Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Farmec review ~ Joyful Elf

Hey girls!

I'm keeping my promises so today I'm going to show you the last nail polish I own from the 2013 A/W Collection by Farmec. It is quite a shade, it's unique in my collection so yeah...this one is special too. These types of finishes are starting to grow on me, I don't really know how to call them...chromes, metalics, help me out girls!

No matter how you want to call it, this nail polish is perfect for the upcoming holidays. It is a mature, elegant and very much alive shade. You may ask, how so? Well in the sun or in artificial light it has a beautiful fine sparkle, just like champagne does. I'm not even going to describe the color, I wouldn't be able to do it justice; it's safe to say that it isn't just one shade.
The formula is really easy to work with, the drying time is also very good and the consistency of this nail polish is the same as the one in my previous post (Silent Night) as in: a bit sheer. To reach full opacity I've used a dark brown undie (you can also use black) and then two thiiiin coats of Joyful Elf. It seems like a lot of work but it isn't, it's safer this way. You may wonder why use black/brown undies, well I didn't want to risk applying three coats of this beauty and not getting to the opacity I desire. You don't have to follow my exact instructions, you can experiment on your own ^^
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Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this shade.
Would you wear it for Christmas?
Lve R.

*This product was provided for an honest, unbiased review. All the opinions shared in this post are my own.


  1. Am si eu aceasta oja in colectie si inca nu am incercat-o. Imi place foarte mult cum arata pe unghiutele tale si mersi de pont, o sa utilizez si eu o nuanta inchisa la baza!

  2. O folosesc si eu si imi place. <3


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