Thursday, January 8, 2015

Avon Stardust Swatch - Teal glitter

Hello 2015!
Hello dear friends! May we have a great year! 

The biggest wish I have for this blog is keeping up with the regular posting, because I often find myself wishing I had more time to dedicate to this hobby. So, here's to hoping!
Today's manicure is just a simple swatch, of a gorgeous nail polish: Avon Stardust Collection ~ Teal glitter. I have already reviewed a different one from the same collection in my last post so I won't go into so many details as usual.

I will only say that it looks prettier in real life, it's more vivid and it gives quite the spectacle. Honestly, it would look even more gorgeous if it would've had a normal finish, the texture takes away some of the sparkle. Nevertheless, I'm pleased with the formula and the resistance but I'm disappointed by the staining, I guess the teal pigments are to blame.

I know the Holiday season has passed and the decorations are no longer of use, but I just couldn't resist the temptation, after all it's too long 'till next Christmas ^^

Have a great weekend!
Love, R.


  1. Foarte frumoase ojele astea,mi-am luat si eu 3 dar inca nu le-am folosit.Pupici

  2. Arata excelent!
    Trebuie sa o cumpar si eu! :D

  3. You should totally try applying top coat if you don't like the finish. Arata spectaculos, si pozele la fel!

    1. Am incercat o data sa aplic un top coat tot de la Avon dar nu a functionat, s-a "scufundat" si el dupa uscare. Oare ar fi trebuit sa aplic mai multe straturi? Sau ce top coat ar fi mai bun? Mersi pt sfat :D

    2. Hehe, nu ai pt ce :) Probabil ar fi mers mai bine o oja putin mai vascoasa, cum e de exemplu Seche Vite, si si aceea in 2 straturi, insa merita pt ca rezultatul e spectaculos. Daca nu ai cum sa faci rost de Seche, cred ca ar merge bine si Gel look-ul de la Farmec. Te pup.

    3. Am sa incerc cu cel de la Farmec. :) Pupici

  4. Am vrut sa achizitionez si eu una la un moment dat, dar m-am razgandit...
    Arata foarte bine!

  5. Foarte draguta modificarea pe care ai facut-o blogului! Cat despre oja, arat exceptional de bine pe unghiutele tale!

  6. I'm in love with this shade, so beautiful! <3

  7. E superba!!

    Cu top coat este si mai stiu ce cuvant sa folosesc :)))

    Eu il folosesc pe cel de la Farmec :X


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