Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review - Purple water decals

Hello ladies!

You know that feeling when you have a ton of stuff to do but you want to do something else entirely (like nail art)? Yeah the all mighty, mind blowing procrastionatioooon! Ugh... Even though there are some tricks as to how to avoid it...it's such a guilty pleasure. And It's quite sad how your own brain is sabotaging you :)) To all of you out there fighting this...hang in there and just get sh*t done. It will get easier once you get started, that fear and panic you feel will go away once you are actually doing something. The trick is to start!

Now moving on to happier thoughts, let's disscus the manicure today. I'm featuring a purple Rimmel London nail polish called Sir, yes sir! and some water decals from Born Pretty Store. I told you the story of these water decal wonders on Flower's Day and I won't go again into so many details. This design appears to have a pixelation problem but that isn't so visible to the naked eye. It was a gloomy day when I took the photos...it's so disappointing when you can't get the pics straight.
I know that the nail polish isn't the star of this manicure, but it's just a simple purple, that has a good opacity and a nice coverage. I actually did three manicure in the last month, with this one and two of them were a mess and well the third is...as you can see here :)
This product was sponsored by Born Pretty Store
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I have told you many times before, water decals are my favorite nail art accessories so be ready...there will be more coming your way (visually speaking)

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