Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stamped texture


How's your week going? I'm gonna brag now and say that I have a one week vacation and plan to just relax and laze around as much as possible. Don't hate the player hate the game :))
Today's manicure is a disruption from my plan to swatch all my Rimmel polishes. What can I say, I was in the mood for some texture. These were my Easter nails, I did them last minute so I needed a nail polish that would dry quickly and would have minimal visibility of any smudges that could've happen. 

This Golden Rose #72 behaves perfectly in the situation explained above. I have reviewed it in detail in Classy texture, you should check it out! The shade looks a bit different in these pictures because it was a sunny day when I took the photos.
The stamping was made with MoYou London, the Pro Collection Plate #14, the pattern is the one on the bottom-right corner. The nail polish used for the stamping was S-he #332. It was interesting to stamp over a textured nail polish, the design sank in the texture creating an interesting effect. I will definetly try this again, it was as easy as stamping on a regular base.

Ladies, I wish you all a splendid week!
Any thoughts on stamping over texture? Would love to read some comments :D

Love, R.


  1. Foarte frumoase,superba texturata <3

  2. Uiiiii! ce dragalasa este mani <3 te pup

  3. Imi place culoarea si textura ojei GR, iar modelul stampilat se potriveste de minune pe ea!
    Iti urez un concediu placut!

  4. Am si eu texturata aceasta. ☺ Foarte spring-ish manichiura. ♥


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