Saturday, November 21, 2015

Metal lollipops

Hello, my dear readers!

First of all, thank you for being here. It gives me such pleasure to see that there are readers even though it's been so long since I last posted. Work/ school/ life keeps me busy and I know there are some of you that do the same and still have time to squeeze in some posts, but not me, the master of procrastination. So cheers to all the ladies out there that have a busy schedule and still have time to blog ^^

 Let's go on with the nails. I'm very excited, because it turned out better than I expected. I started with clear top coat, of course, then with 2 coats of Rimmel London, Metal Rush Collection #223. The appliance was a breeze, though the opacity could've been greater. For the stamping I used a special nail polish ~Konad ~ I'm sure the name rings a bell. I received it from Born Pretty Store and I will review it some time in the near future. All I can say for now is that, it's awesome!
I hope you like my combo! The nail polish gives quite the spectacle and I received lots of compliments while wearing it. It has a large range of shades, depending on the light.
I wish you all a lovely Sunday!
Thank you for reading!
Drop me a line if you have the time, I'll be happy to read your comments!


  1. heyyyy bine ai revenit,cute mani,pupicei <3

  2. Super super super! Ador postarea si ador manichiura ta! Nu stiu cum se face de n-am mai intrat pe blogul tau pana acum, dar se va remedia problema :) Keep up the great work :*

    1. Multumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase! Te mai astept cu drag :)

    2. Stai putin! Ti-ai schimbat numele blogului? Sau numele pe fb? Ca doar am mai fost pe la tine :))

    3. Da, mi-am schimbat numele si design-ul blogului :D "M-am reinventat" :))

    4. Absolut superb! Felicitari si succes in continuare :)


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