Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tag: My nail polish obsession

Hello, my dears!

I was hoping to do some nail art but I can't quite keep up with my new schedule. I recently started a new job and I'm not used to the hours yet; so there's usually a lot of sleep or going out in my free time and not nearly enough time for nails, sadly! So until I can figure things out I decided I should do a tag (since I've never done one before). I saw it on Georgia's Mirror and thought it was cute and oh so right for this blog. So let's begin:

Although, there are a lot of brands out there, I only tried a handful of them. So, from my personal collection Golden Rose, definetly stands out! Lately, they expanded their color range, textures and finishes and the quality is quite pleasing. 

Definetly both, but I'm more inclined towards glitter, because everything's prettier with glitter. Of course, in day to day life I can't wear as much glitter as I would like; and it's such a pain in the ***
Still...look at this Crystalized Pink

I only tried China Glaze and Essie. But I liked them both ^^

I usually change it after three or four days. But lately, only once a week or even worse - go bare for a while...

These questions are getting harder!!! How am I supposed to choose a color? only one? But I like purples and mints and blues and greens, oh....I guess I would say ultimately, purple...or mint, I really can't decide! Or maybe I can: look at Perfect summer nails

The right and honest answer would be....it depends! I like wearing both, from black to white. I think it depends on my mood, or the seasons (I wouldn't wear a bright orange on a winter day)

Right this instant? I just finished swatching Farmasi #84, but by the time this post will be published probably something else ^^

For me, they weren't really in... don't know why. I do have a matifying top coat which doesn't really work :)) And I recently received a beautiful matte blue/purple from my future sister in law (which I will swatch - soon)

I do like it on other people's nails but not particularly on mine. I think my nail beads are too wide and not long enough for it to look good. But if I try it with a milky base and a different color tip...that's another story. My personal favorite: Autumn flowers

Uhm...plum and other variations of dark purple! But I also like khaki, coppery shades and dark reds. Another favorite autumn nail art would be: Wild animal print

This was nice! It was fun filling it out. So, if you've liked it as well, I invite you to answer this tag on your blog, or if you don't have one - I would love to find out the answers to some of these, let's start a discussion!

Have lovely day!
With love, Roxy!

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  1. Frumos TAG,si eu l-am facut acum vreu an si jumatate....parca,te pup,imi place ultima mani,super <3


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