Saturday, October 12, 2013

T.P.A. - Celebrity inspired nails

Hello girls!

I'm back after a week of "radio silence". I know I've warned you that things may get a little slow around here but this time the cause of my absence was the lack of appetite for nail art. This week was the first time, in ages, when I wore just a simple nail color and it felt good. I've missed a couple of challenges and for that I apologize ^^
Today's manicure is celebrity inspired... a theme from the lovely T.P.A Challenge. This mani goes perfectly with the simplistic mood I had lately.
And, from watching my fair share of celebrity mani cam photos I've realized that our beloved superstars often choose a simple manicure on the red carpet, maybe because they focus more on the dress, the shoes, the bag, their hair, seems like the nails come last on their list and as a result the nudes are the most popular trend I've seen on the red carpet.
I've used Farmec #50 on all of my nails then Farmec #18 which is really sheer, I have it here in three coats so you have to be patient on the drying time. On my accent finger I've used Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels #102. This is it! I really enjoy wearing this manicure. You can never go wrong with a nude manicure, it goes with everything!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I really am thankfull to those who support me with their comments and visits. Given that I'm busy with school, I feel like I don't express my gratitude as I should ^^ So a huge and dearly "thank you" to you all for watching me...well my nails actually.

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  1. That's a really pretty and elegant mani!

  2. lovely! its annoying that nails are less important on the red carpet!

  3. Sunt foarte elegante unghiutele tale! Super! <3

  4. Finuţă manichiura, arată foarte bine !

  5. Foarte frumoase si elegante! E superba nuanta de la Farmec, pacat ca nu e mai opaca. Si de glitter nu mai zic, e minunat!

  6. ce nude fain:x iar manichiura este impecabila!

  7. beautiful manicure <3

  8. These are so simple and elegant :) I love the nude color!

  9. Vai ce manichiura frumoasa!! Imi place foarte mult :)

  10. superba combinatie! si asa de eleganta!


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