Friday, October 4, 2013

A girly manicure.

Hey girls!

It's the wekeeend!! Relax, enjoy, have fun! I'll be super quick today 'cause I'm on the run. This week has been hectic, eventfull and full of'll see soon what I'm talking about, I don't want to spoil the secret yet ^^

If you're wondering what's with the cute shorties, it's a design I've done a while back on my friend I. (she asked for this specific design and unfortunately I don't have the source photo). It only sees the "light of day" now because I don't have something else prepared with all that is going on in my life right now. I wore almost for a week a plain color, something like this hasn't happend in months :))

Thanks for reading and for being here with me
Hugs and kisses!


  1. Oh, I'm curious about the secret now.. haha lol!
    I also much liked this manicure, it proves that long nails aren't a demand to make beautiful nail arts! :D

  2. it's a lovely design with flowers and stripes! :) we all have hectic weeks once in a while, so take your time and be back soon ;)

  3. Aww, I'm sure she loved this mani :)
    - and now you made me curious ;)

  4. Cat de dragut e modelul! De fapt modelele :D

  5. Such a cute mani, looks really good on short nails!

  6. E foarte dragut modelul pe care l-ai facut :)

  7. Hmmm, I think I know what the secret might be....

  8. M-am speriat intrebam unde sunt unghiutele tale;)) . Arata foarte bine unghiutele ei:D scurte si dragalase:x!

  9. These are super cute! The flowers look perfect!


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