Sunday, January 26, 2014

Farmec review - Spotted cheetah

Hey there!

Although my life is hectic right now because of my exams, I want this corner to be my retreat, to be the single place where there's no talk or complaining and whining about exams, stress and al those mundane things. This is my bubble, my happy bubble where all things are pretty and pink and fuzzy!

Now, that we're off to a good start, full of optimism, I want to share an idea I had at the beginning of this year - monthly reminders. For me and for you if you like the idea ^^ Why do that?! well, I came to realise that I haven't really explored much in the nail art world. Yes, I know about a lot of trends, techniques, themes but with some I only had a "brief encounter", so that's why throughtout this entire year I will think of every trend or technique I feel I haven't explored enough and give them a proper display. And maybe you'll tag along if you like a good challenge.
Now, for January I thought of animal print. I remember being scared of this design, it seemed so hard to achieve it, but now after few attempts, I can say that it's an easy technique, one you can have a lot of fun with! My first attempt is quite bad - it makes me laugh but I embrace it - nail art is a journey! You can check out the animal print label to see all my designs so far. One that I'm particularly proud of is Wild animal print.
The first manicure from this theme is Mixing elements, where I did a zebra print but with a twist. Today's nail art contains some cheetah print, I was actually inspired by this manicure, I loved it so much I had to try it myself. On my accents I sponged a few pastels (peach, light blue and yellow) then did the print with acrylic paints. On the rest of the nails I'm wearing Farmec ~ Hot Wine Punch.
Artificial light / Lumina artificiala
Salutare fete dragi! Trebuie să recunosc, mi-e greu să scriu și în română și în engleză, ia foarte mult timp (ceea ce nu prea am acum). M-am hotărât să nu traduc partea de sus, sper să aveți răbdare să o citiți! E un proiecțel micuț ce am de gând să-l pornesc. Acum, motivul pentru care vă scriu și în română este această ojă Farmec -Hot Wine Punch. E o nuanță tare interesantă, nu e chiar portocaliu dar nici maro, e o combinație intre cele două. Oja este opacă, cu un finish "creamy", din două straturi arată așa cum o vedeți pe unghiile mele. La aplicare trebuie să vă mișcați repejor ca să o puteți întinde uniform, e destul de densă. Si nuanța aceasta face parte din colecția de toamnă-iarnă, cele din colecția de vară arată și ele bine de tot! V-am mai prezentat cum arată pe unghii Muddy Boots și Wilted Rose ^^ Enjoy!
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  1. Super cute! I love the combination of the pastel peech with cheetah print :)

  2. Superb modelul zebra! Si oja Farmec arata interesant.

  3. It's important to have a free space like that - whee no stress lives :)
    I love this mani, it's very elegant!!

  4. imi place mult oja iar print-ul tau e foarte frumos :D

  5. I wanted to ask about the polish on your accent nails...then I read about the sponging :) :) :)
    beautiful nail design!

  6. looks wonderful! I love the accents!

  7. Thank you ladies for your lovely words :)

  8. Ce frumoasa e oja de la Farmec, iar modelul arata superb :)

  9. Awww...this mani is so cute! I love the ones with the animal print. Love it! Great choice indeed!


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