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KKCenterHK review - Luxuriant flowers

Hello lovelies!

If you're wondering why I chose this particular title, or maybe you're not but I felt the need to explain myself anyhow. These water decals, because that's what they are (I'm not that talented to freehand something like that) make me think of a tropical forest, hence the term luxuriant vegetation/flowers or lush. I have to confess, this mani made me stare at my nails ceaselessly (I sometimes use google translate=> strange words :)) )

Excuse the bizare angle of the photos, they were taken outside by someone who's not used to photograph nails. If you follow me from time to time these may seem familiar to you because they appeared in Purple twist ^^  But, lets get back to them, shall we?

As I was saying above, the design on the accent fingers is made with water decals from KKCenterHk. And I absolutely loooove them! I will definetly order more, they're so easy to work with and you'll have gorgeous nails for sure. Even if these ones aren't already cut in the shape of the nail, there's no need to worry!

         ♥ apply white nail polish and wait for it to dry
         simply cut a rectangular piece around the design
         ♥ emerse it into a glass of water for a few seconds
         ♥ apply it onto your nails with the help of some tweezers
         ♥ smoothen the design with a dry tissue paper
         ♥ apply top-coat 
         ♥ the excess will just melt away and you can scrape it off easily

If you follow these easy steps you'll get a perfect manicure, one you won't achieve with nail art!
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What I like about these particular water decals is that there's no pixelation in the design, the image is in high quality. What I don't like is that you can smudge the design if you insist to much with the top-coat (one gentle brush stroke is enough). If you'd like this green corner to be on your nails you can find it here [NNail-WDSY1595], but they have a large variety of water decals, so feel free to browse around ^^ I have another manicure with other water decals, you can view it here- Gorgeous Water Decals

This product was sponsored by KKCenterHk
Thanks for reading!

P.S. I almost forgot, for the ring finger I used Golden Rose, Jolly Jewels #102 and the blue is Golden Rose #16

* I reserve the right to an honest review and all the opinions shared in this post are my own.


  1. wow deci sunt superbe water decal-urile imi place manichiura ta , pupici :D

  2. Superba manichiura, se vad asa frumos florile

  3. I would have stared at my nails too - it's very pretty!

  4. M-a fascinat modelul asta. Este pur si simplu perfect. Are florile acelea si combinatia de culori, care te fac sa exclami Wow!!

  5. They are gorgeous,i love this manicure ;)

  6. Unghiutele tale sunt wow, wow, wow!! <3
    Chiar arata superb bine floricelele!
    Te pup! :*

  7. WWWooooooooWWW superbe,nu am folosit niciodata water decals, dar cred ca incep sa folosesc shi eu arata superb <3

  8. These look gorgeous -- I love the polishes you paired the decals with too!

  9. Am avut impresia initial ca ai pozat pe o mana de nisip :X adorabil modelul. Te pup

  10. Oh wow!
    Arata magnific! Ai niste unghiute superbe|!

  11. Superba manichiura, ti-am mai zis :*

  12. Beautiful manicure! I love how you combined the decals with the nail polish it looks fantastic!

  13. efectul este wow....absolut superbe

  14. Thank you girls for all your love :)

  15. Arata minunat! 😉


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