Sunday, February 1, 2015

KKCenterHK Review - Neon Studs

Hello my dears!

I've read somewhere that the trends this year say that nail accessories like studs and 3D decorations are out, but I don't agree with that! That would mean I shouldn't were these pretties and that would be a shame. I actually don't always follow trends and neither should you, they are more guidelines than rules. I wear whatever makes me feel good and comfortable! Of course that reminds me: one should get out of his/her comfort zone from time to time.

I promised you in my previous post that some neon studs will appear on my nails and so they did! In the past, I've used this type of embelishments, but those were with a metallic finish; these ones are 2mm wide, have a matte finish and are also purple, neon purple actually. I received them from KKCenterHK, and they have them at 2$ a pack of 100, convenient, right? When will you ever use so many? When I took off mine, the purple came off also, because of the acetone, but now they look like ordinary silver studs. So they're good to go for another manicure, talking about recycling :))

Now, the lovely lavander is Miss Sporty #344, in two thin coats. I was amazed by how pigmented was the formula and even the consistency was decent. In the past I wasn't so impressed by this brand but they've scored some points with this one, I love it! On the accents I've used again Farmasi #112 (see it also in Heavy Snowfall). The animal print was made entirely with acrylic paints.

I really hope you've enjoyed this manicure, it has a spring/summerish vibe to it! Makes me long for warmer and sunnier times, but patience my friends, the heat is yet to come!

Thank you for your patience! I wish you all a splendid week!
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Love R.

This product was sponsored by KKCenterHk
All opinions shared in this review, are my own!


  1. Ah! Ce mani frumoasa si colorata! ♥
    Mi-ai facut pofta de un animal print. Imi place abordarea ta foarte mult.

  2. Foarte reusita manichiura ta. De mult nu am mai facut un astfel de model.

  3. Va multumesc pentru aprecieri :)

  4. nice
    follow to follow?

  5. Ce frumoase sunt. mega Like, imi place tare mult forma.



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