Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Barbie Girl

Hey girls!

So this post took longer than I expected, I've had these pictures for a few days but I've been procrastinating, I'm very good at that. It's just a simple swatch, but I thought this pretty pink should have the glory of a post, it deserves that :))

When I look at this pink, I see that iconic barbie pink. I remeber that from my barbie dolls, they all had pink nails, pink clothes, even pink make-up. This is the ultimate girlie color and I felt good wearing it. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not a pink girl, I just enjoy it in small doses.

The nail polish is an oldie but goldie, it's by Kallos #54 and the formula is excellent and it needs two coats for a perfect coverage. It has a nice shine to it, no top-coat here.

So ladies, what do you think about this shade? Are you a pink gal? Would you be seen wearing such a nail polish?

I would love to hear what would you like to see next here on the blog!
With love, R.


  1. Foarte frumoasa nuanta de roz. E placuta si delicata. :)

  2. Vai ce culoare frumosaaaa,nu sunt fan PINK....dar asta e ca o bombonica <3 pup

  3. Foarte frumoasa nuanta !

  4. I'm not a pink gal either, but this shade is really pretty! it surely deserved a post of its own!

  5. Foarte frumoasa si delicata aceasta nuanta de roz!

  6. Foarte frumoasa culoarea! Mie imi plac ojele roz, insa astea de la Kallos fac bule uneori si nu imi place deloc chestia asta.
    Culoarra este super, o sa-i dau o sansa

    1. Hmm... eu cu aceasta oja nu am avut probleme, e si singura pe care o detin de la Kallos deci nu pot sa ma pronunt cu privire la calitatea lor.


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