Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey sunshine!

How are you today! Let's bring some summer on our nails, shall we? I've got the perfect nail polish for that, it's called Limealicious (squishy! I know ^^) and it's from Rimmel London, the 60 Seconds Collection. I was telling you in my previous post that I involuntarily started using only Rimmel London nail polishes in my previous manicures. So I've decided to swatch every one I've got from this brand, and I've got about a dozen of them. I hope you won't get bored! It's gonna be fun!

 Please ignore my striping skills! They're horrible! I need to practice more, 'cause I'm rusty. Moving on, this design is not thaaat hard to achieve, you start by doing a negative space (using french strips) and then you proceed by doing white lines, or dots or whatever you like.

In my previous posts I've described the nail polishes from this collection but I forgot to talk about the drying time. I don't think it's quite 60 seconds, maybe a little more. Nevertheless, I'm pleased by it and by their formula and opacity. All in all they're amongst my favourites and they also have a good price/quality ratio.

My dear girls, I hope I gave you some ideas as to how you should bring summer on your nails. Use vibrant colors and it's guaranteed you'll feel better!

For any questions or suggestions, drop me a line, don't be shy! I'm more than happy to chat with you!
Have a wonderful week! 
With love, R.


  1. Foarte dragut model,verdele e superb

  2. Ce nuanta draguta de verde, arata super.

    Te pup.

  3. what a great shade of green! and never mind the strips are not perfect, the effect is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely thoughts :)

  5. Ador verdele si modelul! Trebuie neaparat sa pun si eu mana pe oja aceasta sau cel putin o nuanta asemanatoare.


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