Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sky High

Hello ladies!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Another week is upon us but until we are forced to face another Monday let's enjoy a simple manicure. I feel like my mind isn't in the right place for chit-chat so I'll just jump straight to it.

I find this shade particularly joyful, it brings a little bit of sunshine on this gloomy weather. The nail polish as you can see, is from Rimmel London, the 60 Seconds Collection - Sky High. It is a beautiful shade of blue with turqoise undertones I would say, I don't know how to really catalogue it. Its consistency is a bit thicker than usual, but that's maybe because it is very pigmented. You can achieve full coverage from one coat (applied carefully) or two thin coats as in the pics. Its finish is creamy but I added here a coat of my favorite Avon Platinum Top Coat, so the shimmer comes from there not from the nail polish. On the accent nail I have a simple design, you will need some thin tape, I've got mine from Born Pretty Store. I applied first the white nail polish then the blue one, from there everything was piece of cake.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them! 
Hope you would wear something like this, it would cheer you up instantly!
I wish you all have a wonderful week!
With love, R.


  1. Foarte draguta si eleganta manichiura ta <3

  2. Foarte frumoasa si delicata manichiura. Albastrul acela intr-adevar inveseleste o zi de luni :)

  3. Foarte frumoasa culoarea ojei si imi place mult de tot accentul minimalist!

  4. aww!! ce dragute sunt!! imi place mult cum ai aplicat banda..e super cute!

  5. I have this Rimmel, and I love the color too :)


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