Monday, March 30, 2015

Ways to cope with stress ~ Part 1

Hello there!

Today's post is really different from what is usually here on this blog. But since my nails have been naked for a few days and I haven't anything else planned out, I thought it would be a good idea to widen the horizons. I came across this list of ideas on how to blow off some steam, because let's face it...we all need that from time to time! It is really important for our general well being. I don't know who compiled this list, it was the topic of one of my english classes and I figured I should share them with you all ^^

So here we go:

What do you think about these tips? I would like you to read them and tell me if you agree with the things that are written here. Some don't really seem to do the trick at first, but if you think about it all these ideas help you relax or feel more secure somehow.
Love to have a discussion with you!

I have more of these helpful tricks coming your way in the following weeks!

Have a great week!
Love, R.


  1. eu am o alta varianta - say F*ck to all and go to sleep. merge de fiecare data :)

    1. True :)) dar eu ofer si alternative mai interesante :D


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